Personal Bio: I was never the tallest dude on the block nor I bagged the gold medals by scoring high marks in the exams nor I was the fastest kid. While growing up, I shared 320 Sq ft apartment with my siblings, parents and grandmother. I grew up in a small town that was right next to the 3rd largest slum in the world. So, poverty was not a novelty for me. I know what it feels like to be an outcast and denied and ignored. English was my 2nd language. I am an immigrant who came to US over 20-years back with a leap of faith and aspirations to get a higher education.

Little by little, everything adds up. It is up to us whether we succumb to it or turn into an asset.

I believe that the kinds of scarcities I experienced and the circumstances I grew up in created a huge advantage for me to achieve. I had the world’s best parents and world’s best siblings who instilled the values like work-ethics, compensating for lack of money by showering love, treating other people with respect, giving your best without complaining, and possessing a good character.

I have seen both sides and it has allowed me to create unique perspective towards life, success, failure, and winning. I truly appreciate every little opportunity life has offered to me.

Professional Bio:

  1. Disrupt or Die is today’s new mantra. It requires knowing the ropes in understanding the nuances beyond idea gestation or conception phase. I know the ropes.
  2. I am credited with expanding the competitive positioning and profitability of SMB organizations by unlocking their digital capabilities and technology potential.
  3. Throughout my career, I have delivered the vision, leadership, and sustainable value growth by rallying teams and achieving results.
  4. I am regarded as the turnaround expert and got called in to execute game-changing turnarounds on stalled programs, in-flight projects, and new initiatives.
  5. I also believe in another mantra “Life is about possibilities and not problems” and “Making the most out of every situation” and have guided individuals and teams. I am also sometimes known as the horse whisperer for people.
  6. I am a co-founder a nonprofit. I also sit as the executive board of directors on nonprofits in New Jersey/ NYC area. Through one of the nonprofits I co-founded, we have raised more than $30,000 and donated to the needy charities, social causes, and children school education for tribal communities. It’s a great feeling to give back to the needy and see their lives getting transformed.
  7. I consider myself blessed to get an opportunity to learn from the world’s topmost digital influencers and thought leaders.

Books Authoring:

  1. I am a published author (or co-author) of numerous blogs, vlogs, press releases, white papers, and books to my credit.
  2. Most recently, I shared the book space with a who’s who list of CIOs and CEOs such as Facebook CIO Tim Campos, Pizza Hut CIO and Digital Officer Baron Concors and other thought leaders for a chapter I authored in a book called “The Chief Information Officer’s Body of Knowledge”. It was a memorable experience.
  3. In addition, I was recently recognized as the best-selling author for a new book “Ignite Your Life” he co-authored with personal success expert and sales and marketing thought leader and my mentor Mr Brian Tracy.

Media Accolades, Mentions, and Awards:

  • I have appeared on business television show airing on NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX affiliates and was interviewed as an expert in leadership, digital marketing and social media branding.
  • Additionally, I have been quoted in the press releases of CEOWorld.biz, Daily Herald, WallStreetSelect news, and International Business Tribune.
  • I appeared on Brian Tracy TV show and was interviewed by the legendary sales and marketing expert and inspirations to tens of thousands of people Mr Brian Tracy.
  • I was selected as one of the America’s PremierExperts™ in 2015 and am also a Quilly Award winner.

Non-biz fun facts about me:

  • I love watching action movies and suspense thrillers.
  • In my spare time, I play Indian percussion and western drums. I have been blessed to accompany India’s best-known Bollywood actors, celebrities, and singers.
  • I am a good cook and can entertain up to 10 guests by cooking authentic Indian curries, rice, and yummy salads that leave their taste-buds wanting for more.
  • When combined, my cooking skills and music skills transform an ordinary evening into an extra-ordinary evening.
  • I love to watch Food Network Channel and Sci-Fi channel.
  • When I am in mood, I sporadically write poems. I’ve been maintaining a private collection.
  • I’ve been told by many that I have a gift of bringing out the best in people. Sometimes, they call me “horse whisperer” for people.
  • I can never forget the sacrifices my parents made to give the very best to me and my siblings. I am truly grateful for the person they made out of me.
  • I have a great supportive wife and lovable kids. When I am out, they are the very reason I like to come back home first.
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