Makarand Utpat is a business and technology thought leader, non-profit startup expert, sought-after digital marketing specialist, blogger, and best-selling book author. He works with nonprofit boards and members as a strategic advisor, crisis turnaround specialist, advisory board, and change agent.

04Makarand has appeared on business television shows airing on NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX affiliates around the country and interviewed as an expert in leadership, digital disruption, and nonprofits. Additionally, he has been quoted in Internet online news outlets such as CEOWorld.biz, Daily Herald, WallStreetSelect news, and International Business Tribune. Makarand was also selected as one of the America’s PremierExperts™ in 2015.

Makarand is a published author with many articles, blogs and white papers to his credit. His work on reusable components has been referenced in designing a patent. He also has had the privilege of co-authoring and sharing book space with “Who’s Who” list of CIOs, CEOs such as Facebook CIO Tim Campos, Pizza Hut CIO and Digital Officer Baron Concors and other thought leaders for a book he has co-authored called “The Chief Information Officer’s Body of Knowledge”. In addition, Makarand was recently recognized as the best-selling author for a new book “Ignite Your Life” he has co-authored with sales and marketing guru and personal success expert Mr. Brian Tracy. Makarand’s passion for giving back through social commitment is rooted in his upbringing where he was routinely exposed to burgeoning poverty, malnutrition, youth challenges, and lack of education. Deeply committed to social causes, Makarand is able to proudly apply his leadership skills to many nonprofits in the form of fostering nonprofit growth, steering nonprofits through crisis situations, IT consulting or acting as an adviser in the capacity as trustee, on the board of directors, or executive decision-making bodies.

Makarand is happily married with his lovely wife and two beautiful kids. In his spare time, he plays professional music where he plays Indian percussions and Western drums accompanying local US bands and visiting musicians from India. Makarand can be reached at www.makarandutpat.com or 1-888- 360-4535.

Non-biz fun facts about me:

  • I love watching Action movies, Suspense thrillers.
  • In my spare time, I am a musician. I play professional level music with local bands, orchestras, and visiting artists from India and accompany them in their stage concerts and tours. I handle various types of percussions such as Electronic Drums, Indian Drums and Acoustic instruments. I have been blessed to accompany India’s best known Bollywood actors, celebrities, and singers.
  • I am a good cook and can entertain guests of 6 to 10 people with authentic Indian curries, yummy salads that leave their taste-buds wanting for more. When combined with my cooking skills and music skills, an ordinary evening turns into an extra-ordinary evening.
  • I love to watch Food Network Channel and Sci-Fi channel.
  • When I am in mood, I sporadically write poems. I’ve been maintaining the private collection.
  • I’ve been told by many that I have a gift of bringing out the best in people. Sometimes, they call me “horse whisperer” for people.
  • I can never forget the sacrifices my parents made to give the very best to me and my siblings. They compensated for the lack of money by showering the love, teaching the value of work-ethics, treating other people with respect, and instilling the great character. It is all they had and I am truly grateful for the person they made out of me.
  • I have a great supportive wife and loveable kids. When I am out, they are the very reason I like to come back home first.
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