Rich Squeglia

Mak was outstanding and shown strong personal involvement on archiving project I worked with him on. Mak painstakingly created CRM application landscape that included reverse engineering of existing systems, gathering system stats and metrics, options analysis, and a heat map highlighting the commonalities and differences between different systems and the data elements. This effort served quite useful while driving the requirements with stakeholders.

When presented with a new problem, I found Mak to be good at embracing it, tackling it head-on, and delivering the solutions. Mak was quite skilled in raising awareness of the issues and building relationships with business stakeholders. Mak is a strong individual who is always focused on goals. His combination of technical expertise, partnering skills coupled with strong leadership skills makes him an asset to any organization.

Rich was a consultant or contractor to Makarand at Actavis PLC (formerly Forest Labs)

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