3 Ways You Can Reinvent Content Marketing Without Looking Like An Amateur

Just like eating a healthy breakfast, having lunch at a certain time of the day, drinking plenty of water, and […]

Ultimate Guide to Get Started on a Blog

If you are reading this, then you are probably thinking of creating or starting a blog. If you are already […]

What Is Facebook Business Manager and Why Do I Need It

Among the many small business owners who give up on Facebook Advertising efforts, the most cited reason is they don’t […]

4 Ways To Create Value With Content: Text, Podcast, Visual Content, and Video

The mantra of major marketing companies is, “Content is king.” Today, with social media, everyone is a media company. Today, […]

Don’t Worry About Overexposure In Social Media Marketing

If we humans have learned anything over the eons, it is that repetition is critical to success in most aspects […]

Making Local Facebooks Ads Effective

In the recent past I’ve posted blogs and articles about how to get started with advertising on Facebook. I’ve talked […]

Life without Social Media: Is it Nirvana? Are We Ready?

Can you live w/o social media and still thrive?  I wouldn’t have thought so but apparently you can. Watch and […]

7 sure-fire ways to social media detox and enjoy your life again

There is no denying that the social media has become an inseparable part of our lives. Interacting face-to-face or calling […]

Are You Reaping The Rewards of Facebook Advertising?

You’ve probably heard how profitable it can be to advertise on Facebook. Maybe you’ve even ventured into it without any […]

Facebook Advertising Allows For Precise Interest Targeting

Advertising on Facebook offers small business owners and entrepreneurs some of the most precise ways to reach your target market. […]

Want to Thrive and Ignite Brand while Staying Lazy? Use Tactics of Sub-2 hr Marathon

I am not an avid runner but have many friends who are Marathoners. Not one time but rather, multiple times. […]

How To Create, Cultivate and Grow Your Email List

Springtime is here and typically at this time of year our thoughts turn to new growth as the world around […]

Building Your Email List is of The Utmost Importance

If you are just beginning to explore digital marketing for your business you must turn your attention to building a […]

Is Your Culture Eating Strategy for Breakfast? 7 Tips for Digital Initiatives

Peter Drucker needs no further introduction. He is known as the father of modern management theory. His quote “Culture eats […]

5 Ways to Humanize Your Brand

Given below are 5 ways to humanize (& ultimately ignite) your brand: Listen and Participate, Don’t just Talk about Yourself- […]

Get Personal and Be Content if Your Content Builds Relationships

Digital marketing is like an octopus with many arms each of which reaches out to touch your audience in a […]

Using Mobility to build Brand Affinity

I was about to leave for work. I realized that the tire was busted. I called AAA and they said […]

7 Steps- Do You Know Your Unique Value Proposition?

Last week, I got my haircut in a shop called Sports Clips. I usually don’t have a preference or choice […]

Today, Digital Marketing is a Necessity

Whether you like it or not, if you’re in business, any kind of business, retail, pharmaceutical, legal, healthcare or not-for-profit, […]

If You’re Not Engaged in Digital Marketing You’re Missing the Digital Age

I have a question for you. Are you a dinosaur trying to do business in the digital age without the […]

What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Marketing Trifecta- 5 Minute Guide

Have you come across your colleagues or friends who respond to emails better than phone calls and vice versa? Or […]

Digital Marketing: Infographic Tribute to Stephen Covey’s Timeless Principles

My Infographic that depicts comparisons between Digital Marketing and Stephen Covey’s (one of the) timeless principles. Hope you like it. […]

3 Ways the Zero-Based Thinking helps to Move Your Digital Needle

“Give me a long enough lever…. and I shall move the Earth.” —Archimedes It’s said that if you keep doing […]

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