Makarand Utpat

Month: October 2016

Jingyun Chen

Senior Analyst at Telephonics Mak is reliable, dedicated and a high-performance director. He knows how to pull people together, build teams and help his team members succeed in achieving their individual goals. He takes time to mentor so that they can continue to strengthen their skills and advises on overcoming the weaknesses. He is one …

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Evan Myron

I worked with Makarand (“Mak”) for 2 years on a Direct Mail project which was critical to our respective companies. The project required sound leadership, a team effort with many active milestones/ deliverables in the planning, development, execution and follow up. Throughout the engagement, Mak maintained a climate of trust, fairness and respect for all …

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Neil Miller

Mak is a very versatile project lead who demonstrates great skill at ramping his knowledge on business and technology requirements to fulfill the needs of the business team he is supporting. Mak showed how quickly he could ramp and take over a very complex project already in flight and drive to completion. I would definitely …

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Drew Wright

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Mak on an ROI analysis to support the investment in a global data integration competency center at Hoffmann-La Roche. Mak was very detail oriented and masterful in his ability to pull together the business owners to provide key data and information about forecasted projects that would benefit from …

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Tony Donohoe

I not only managed Mak for 5 years at Johnson and Johnson but worked beside him as a peer and colleague as well. Mak consistently produced high quality, first rate I.T deliverables. He has a strong technology background, is a published author, but still has excellent interpersonal skills which allow him to work well with …

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Reyna Favis

Mak was a pleasure to work with. One of his responsibilities was to map existing processes and IT interactions for our team in order to facilitate our transition to a new model. Mak had excellent attention to detail and was wonderfully patient in conducting interviews and creating and revising process maps to fully document the …

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Rajeev Aneja

Mak -was always very detailed oriented even while putting the big picture of the Enterprise architecture. He very well connected all the data points, and how information flows through the business, thereby helping build scalable systems.

Jeff Mathers

I worked with Mak over a number of years on a broad range of projects in the pharmaceutical business. Mak possesses a deep and broad expertise in both data and technology architecture that delivers value both at the project and enterprise level. With a strong belief in architecture, a great work ethic and team attitude, …

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Rick Franckowiak

I worked with Mak while for a few years here at JJPRD. He is a very knowledgeable information architect. He does a very good job of investigating and understanding business process and systems and working with business partners to craft a strategy for the future. Mak is someone that I could certainly count on when …

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David Morgan

Mak worked with me during an assessment phase of an Integration Competency Center (ICC) at Roche. Mak was persistant in his questions and had true dedication to this effort. Mak showed a unique blend of business and technical knowledge and is a real asset at Roche as they chart their future through the merger with …

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