Makarand Utpat


7 Secrets to Make Your Website Stand Out and Make It Noticeable

With technological developments in the last decade, alongside a pandemic isolating the world into their own homes; a lot has changed. Most of the world has moved to online spaces, instead of sticking to brick and mortar shops and business layouts. One of the biggest advantage of this shift is that businesses can be accessible to a greater audience around the world – however, it has also relied a great responsibility on those that run these platforms.

Businesses are indebted to create healthier and better customer experience now than they were expected to before. Since most people are making purchases and transactions online, they demand a better interface, and user experience. While some businesses have exceptional website designs, others need to work a little bit more on how their websites appear to the general public.

Many people complain about seeing an aesthetic website, only to find that the UI/UX experience isn’t worth their time. Others love the transition, but find websites to be extremely boring, and therefore choose alternate sources.

If you’ve recently started a business, and are looking for ways to make your website stand out, then there are a number of ways that you can make your website unique. Let’s go over some of these tips.

Tell Your Story

While everything is being digitized, entrepreneurs often forget that these businesses are designed for humans. Putting in automated content, and pictures will never be enough for customers that are looking for real time experiences. If you really want to attract customers, then its time you start telling your own story.

Use your website as a way to explain to your customers why you are running the business, what were your reasons behind it, and what you hope to change with your business.

Always remember to integrate the human element in your website to make the experience more fulfilling for your potential and existing customers. The best way to humanize your website is through words and pictures of your own story and experiences.

Use Original Content

While most businesses spend a lot of time trying to understand and uncover what the majority is doing in the industry, you should be focusing on your own USP. Content shouldn’t resemble to the one your competitors are already putting out there. It is important that your website contains original, well-thought through, and unique content.

Give your visitors something to stay for – if they read what they read everywhere else, the chances are they will leave sooner than you can say ‘website.’

Integrate Easy Navigation

One of the most popular feedback received from online customers is that they don’t find websites easy to work through. Most people forget that not everyone is a coder. People require websites that are easy to handle and navigate through. The easier the website, the greater response it will generate.

If you really want to make your website stand out, then choose a very simplified theme, add easy navigation buttons, and reduce the loading time.

Trust me, if you found a website as smooth as the one we’re I’m asking you to make, you’d be a fan too!

Eye Catching Videos & Pictures

Never go easy on the amount of graphics and illustrations you use in your website – more is definitely perfect, here! Always remember nobody has the time to go through long form content, and instead, they will be looking for an easy way out. In addition, people tend to be more attracted towards images, videos, and other visual aid.

Therefore, when designing a website, never forget to add a lot of videos, illustrations, real time images, and a lot more. The brighter and visually appealing the website will be, the greater response you are likely to create. However, this does not mean you stuff it so much it becomes confusing, while pictures and videos are your friends, you will still need to pick simple, and graceful template ideas.

Captivating Copies

As described above, people don’t have time to read a lot of content, but that doesn’t mean you abandon content altogether. One great way to make your website stand out is through compelling, attractive, and captivating copies.

Copies are like longer headlines, that help customers, potential visitors, and clients understand what the business is about. It is important to create copies that communicate a large number of messages in the most compelling way possible. Your copies should be precise, considerate, and hold great value.

Keep It Updated

Creating a website might be a one-time thing, but updating it timely is necessary. Many businesses forget that you need to keep your website updated, otherwise, your social media and google ads will be driving people to outdated information. Customers do not stay loyal to brands that are misleading, or don’t stay up-to-date.

You need to update your website every now and then. The update isn’t always necessarily limited to content, it is extremely important to update the design, the UI/UX coding, and the overall interface to ensure that existing and potential customers have a smooth, worry-free experience on your site.

User-Friendly Designs

I can’t stress the importance of an easy-to-use web design, enough. If your website is confusing, misleading, and extremely tiresome the chances are customers will come, linger for a while, and then leave without buying anything from you.

If you want your website to be compelling, and interactive then you have to ensure that the web design, the back end development is done in a way that the front end is extremely easy to use.

Similar to the above mentioned tips, if you need further guidance on how to make your business stand out, then reach out to me. Whether you need digital marketing for a small business, content marketing for an existing industry giant, or someone to walk you through new social media techniques, feel free to talk to me.