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Eight Mistakes To Avoid While Launching Your Podcast

Hello there, my name is Makarand Utpat, and I’m a media strategist who specializes in helping experts, coaches, and consultants build their influence and authority using modern media strategies. My primary goal is to assist people in elevating their brands, broadcasting their brilliance, and achieving profitability.

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Why an Up-to-date Website is Absolutely Necessary

As a business coach and public speaker, I, Makrand Utpat, have seen it all when it comes to websites—the good, the bad, and the outdated. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking that having a website is enough to establish their online presence.

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4 Tips to Get Invited to Podcast Interviews

Did you just create an online course but don’t have any students? Or do you have a product, but can’t get anyone to sell it to? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! As a matter of fact, many entrepreneurs and coaches have great products but no audience.

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Are Your Product Sales Low? 8 Mistakes You Might be Making

It’s estimated that, excluding China, there are 12 million eCommerce companies worldwide. Many companies are now switching from brick-and-mortar and becoming click-and-mortars. Still, the competition is high, and even a small mistake will result in a sharp decline in sales.


How to Build a Strong Online Presence—A Step-by-Step Guide

According to a survey, 85% of customers research online before making a purchasing decision. Consumer behavior is changing, and it’s not just for retail purchases. They’re turning to the internet to find everything about anything. So how do you reach them? You build a robust presence online. Building a successful online presence can be difficult, but …

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The Ultimate Guide to Time Management and Productivity

Time is of the essence for organizations and corporations. Every company employee benefits when high-value assignments are finished ahead of schedule. Increased finances, company goals, and the ideal work-life balance are all successfully achieved. However, if supervisors and staff members discover that they are running out of time to complete tasks and projects, they may …

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12 Must-Have Features For Your e-Commerce Website

Your company must have a working website. A strong interface design will allow people to discover what they require and will provide them with all of the insights they want before reaching a purchasing option.