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Business organizations are rapidly discovering newer ways to convey their message to their target audience. There are thousands of platforms that can …


With technological developments in the last decade, alongside a pandemic isolating the world into their own homes; a lot has changed. Most …


When running a business there are a number of things that are extremely important—like the right kind of product, customers, packaging, and …


From startups to multinationals, everyone can benefit from influencer marketing. It has been established as one of the most important online marketing …


Gone are the days when billboard marketing or TV advertisements were the only ways to get noticed by your audience. Today, more …


Digital platforms play a major role in promoting the reach and growth of businesses.


Brands often consider the number of followers on their social media pages as a true reflection of their success. Social media managers are …


If you’re a neophyte to the world of digital marketing, you may be thinking, what landing pages are and how they fit …


Ever purchased a home appliance without taking reviews from your friends or other customers? Probably not.

digital marketing

In a world where innovative technology and the internet run and control everything, you can’t expect your business and brand to succeed …


With advancements in technology in the last few decades, marketing and digital marketing have come to the forefront helping business owners and …


Before the pandemic, digital marketing industry experts attributed over 36 billion USD to social media marketing campaigns. This number rose dramatically as …

Makarand has a remarkable curriculum vitae. He is a digital marketing expert. He is a best-selling author. He is a leadership trainer. He works with a series of corporations to help them dramatically improve their operations. He is a man of many talents.

Brian Tracy Legendary Sales Expert and Authority on Personal Development

Personally, I was kind of lost after losing my dream job all of a sudden. Though I knew it’s a part and parcel of life, yesterday I met a 'real' person who stood up after going through the same phase as mine. Your transformational story encouraged me in moving forward! I can’t thank you enough for de-cluttering my thoughts and a month of dilemma!

Gayatri J Entrepreneur, Video Production Company

Great presentation by Mak. One of the important takeaways for me is the importance of 1st Page of the Google and that your business needs to be on the 1st page of the Google. That was really an important learning for me

Dorothea Laux Wealth Management

Although I use social media on routine basis, I didn’t know its “business angle” or “branding angle”. Makarand’s book helped clarify it for me. I also found author’s journey to build his personal brand an inspirational one. Great tips and strategies for professionals and business owners.

Om Corporate Professional