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What is an Integrated Marketing Campaign, and How Can it Benefit Your Brand?

Business organizations are rapidly discovering newer ways to convey their message to their target audience. There are thousands of platforms that can be used as effective mediums to build a brand’s name. But many companies still fail to attract the right kind of customers despite employing all marketing tools at their disposal. This problem occurs when …

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How to Effectively Promote Your Brand in 2022

When running a business there are a number of things that are extremely important—like the right kind of product, customers, packaging, and more. However, none of this will be half as effective if you don’t know how to promote your brand. It’s extremely important to know the right way to market your brand.


8 Examples of Brand Influencer Marketing

From startups to multinationals, everyone can benefit from influencer marketing. It has been established as one of the most important online marketing strategies to gain the audience’s attention. A lot of A-list businesses use this marketing technique to reach a wider audience.


Why the Number of Followers Is NOT Proportionate To the Number of Sales

Brands often consider the number of followers on their social media pages as a true reflection of their success. Social media managers are constantly focusing on increasing the number of followers of their page in any way possible. The number of followers, however, does not reflect the number of sales.