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Why the Number of Followers Is NOT Proportionate To the Number of Sales

Brands often consider the number of followers on their social media pages as a true reflection of their success. Social media managers are constantly focusing on increasing the number of followers of their page in any way possible. The number of followers, however, does not reflect the number of sales.

What Is Marketing Funnel and How to Generate Leads?

With advancements in technology in the last few decades, marketing and digital marketing have come to the forefront helping business owners and entrepreneurs expand their reach, get in touch with existing and prospective customers, generate viable leads, and much more.


3 Metrics to Track Social Media Marketing ROI

Before the pandemic, digital marketing industry experts attributed over 36 billion USD to social media marketing campaigns. This number rose dramatically as retail businesses moved to digital platforms, resulting in a surge in online retail demand.


Ways to Recover From Google Penalties

When it comes to google penalties, the internet is replete with misinformation and users are full of FUD, i.e., fear, uncertainty, and doubt. The rapid advancement in the world’s biggest search engine has also increased the regulations on the website. Moreover, the mounting number of business listings on Google calls for drastic measures to prevent ill-marketing …

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Are You Ready for Podcasting?

Podcasting is a powerhouse of talent that’s becoming increasingly popular among businesses. What once used to be a modest platform for opening conversations about social topics has become central to creating a brand image. Brands who can accrue the advantages of podcasting can benefit from a new audience, brand loyalty, a thriving conversation with those …

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Digital Marketing Duo: A Trend That’s Here To Stay Plus 7 Daily Tasks That Could Be Deadly If Forgotten

Digital Marketing is the future. It is a well-established fact that traditional marketing is no longer the way to reach your target market. And, like in any industry, the digital world is subject to fads and trends. Additionally, there are tasks that must be done in order to build attract followers, potential customers and build …

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