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Are you feeling disrupted with the overwhelming pace of changes occurring around you and are you looking to stay relevant? Do you want to take a charge of your  destiny rather than feeling disrupted?

Are you looking to boost your enterprise operations and lead the changes through digital technologies?

Well… you are not alone.

Digital transformation is dramatically changing how we live, work together, and interact with each other. Mobility, Analytics, Cloud, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing are few examples of the key digital technologies that are driving the innovation and the business outcomes by making enterprises more efficient and by connecting with digital customers, channels or markets. Digital revolution has become a true differentiator and will remain so for foreseeable time.

No wonder, we are seeing a healthy appetite and rise in the new C-suite titles such as Chief Digital Officer (CDO), Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Chief Customer Experience Officer (CCEO).

As disruptive as it is, the digital transformation is becoming an indispensable force that organizations need to embrace and weave into its existing infrastructure, something that C-suite leaders can’t afford to ignore anymore. It is not only affecting the internal business dynamics (e.g. people, process, information, technology) but also its extended ecosystem (e.g. partners, systems integrators, and customers) that organization co-exists with.

I am consummate leader who have gracefully led both Corporate America and small organizations (for-profits and nonprofits) at various phases of development—whether Merger & Acquisitions (M&A), Start-ups, or Mature. He is credited with expanding competitive positioning and profitability of many organizations by unlocking their digital potential.

I believe, we are witnessing an unprecedented era where technology is forcing businesses to rethink how they will remain successful in the years to come.  Essentially, every business has to turn itself into a technology company.

What we are seeing is if the businesses do not embrace the digital revolution, they are out of luck in terms of their survival.

I believe the digital revolution is poised to unlock tremendous opportunities for businesses of all sizes, shapes and forms in achieving their goals, objectives, and missions.

I believe the digital revolution is poised to unlock tremendous opportunities for businesses of all sizes, shapes and forms in achieving their goals, objectives, and missions.  Over the past 5-years, I have led several digital initiatives to successful completion.

Working with me, you can expect to fuel your business’s growth and achieve goals through:

  • Zero-based Thinking- Turnaround your organization for achieving digital breakthroughs
  • Digital Architecture Roadmap- Build a digital roadmap by assessing organizational capabilities, gap analysis, heat map techniques and future state recommendations
  • Organizational Outcomes- Facilitate workshops with stakeholders and C-suite Line of Business (LoB) partnering to drive business outcomes
  • Brand Recognition and Customer Engagement- Establish organization’s brand and increase customer engagement using social media marketing, brand boosting techniques
  • Multi-Channel Marketing- Devise robust multi-channel marketing strategy that interweaves Marketing Trifecta (Market, Message, Media) and marketing campaigns
  • Social Media Presence- Maximize organization’s presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ to generate maximum reach
  • SEO, SEM and Content Marketing- Dominate Google SERP (search engine results page) through keyword-rich content, press releases, white papers, testimonials, case-studies, and blogs creation
  • Customer Acquisition and Retention- Improve inbound traffic, generate leads, and increase revenues through fan page following, click-to- conversion techniques
  • Infographic- Rediscover or innovate your brand using Infographics
  • Technology Recommendations- Advise on technology selection and standardization (ranging from CRM, banner advertising, sales funnels, video hosting, shopping cart etc)
  • And much more!

I have been at the forefront of helping small business owners achieve competitive advantage in their niches.

Let’s see if there is a fit.

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