Manal Zaki

I have worked with Mak in a cross-functional capacity on the integrated data warehousing project and found him to be an outstanding systems architect as well as a fantastic project manager, I found Mak to demonstrate good leadership skills such as showing composure and critical thinking. Mak’s contributions consisted of the following:

He successfully led a cross-functional team to deliver various programs such as the global integrated data warehousing strategy/roadmap in 2008 and the ETL Workstream in 2009.  He showcased & orchestrated how to deliver the expected results in spite of challenges with competings visions and priorties.

Mak always shows a sense of urgency and delivers under aggressive deadlines.  He has been able to build successful alliances and credible partnerships with with internal stakeholders in the Global Informatics organization.  Lastly, he is always so thoughtful and it is a pleasure working with him.

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