Makarand Utpat

Paul Lambert

I worked with Mak for about 2 years. I was impressed by the way Mak led a challenging project – data warehousing & business intelligence strategy initiative. Mak chaired a cross-functional task force that was comprised of stakeholders from global informatics organizations such as supply chain and finance, clinical development, sales & marketing, infrastructure and supplier management. With tight deadlines, global reach across multiple regions, differences in view-points & high expectations from sponsors, the project had very little room for failure. Mak maintained professional demeanor in critical situations and was able to successfully deliver on the stated goals & objectives. The fact base, guiding principles, strategy, roadmap and the future architecture vision were approved by the key governance bodies. Mak demonstrated personal integrity and was able to earn the trust by forging successful business partnerships with the stakeholders. He demonstrated similar skills while leading another challenging project – data integration workstream where our goal was to establish the data integration competency center. Mak is pragmatic, well organized and brings lots of insights & dedication to his work. I’d highly recommend Mak’s services.