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Hi there, welcome to my site! I am passionate about teaching people and organizations about the nuances and the benefits of the digital marketing.

Digital Marketing is a must have, regardless of the industry (retail, pharmaceutical, medical, nonprofit, legal, fashion, entertainment, food, financial, or insurance), irrespective of its size (small, medium, large, mega) and irrespective of the title (C-suite leaders, solopreneurs, marketers, small business owners).

I have an innate ability to help individuals, leaders, and businesses to accomplish goals and achieve ROI. I am known for fostering the brand growth, have built high-performing teams, have skillfully steered organizations through the crisis situations, and have turned goals into reality.

But it is not about me. I want to make it about you, your people, and your organization.

When you succeed, I succeed. I believe in this kind of win-win relationship and let me prove it to you.

The keys to digital marketing success lie in taking a comprehensive approach that includes goals and objectives, business capability analysis, developing customer personas, customer journey map, skillset and knowledge capital, lead generation and conversion marketing techniques, and having KPIs to measure your success.

In my keynote presentations, your attendees can expect to hear topics ranging from (but not limited to):

  • Planning your online business
  • Developing powerful brand and strong online presence
  • Lead generation and inbound marketing
  • Content strategy and content marketing
  • Developing profitable marketing strategy and
  • Achieving success in life and career

I am dedicated to delivering a speech that meets your event or tradeshow objectives and exceeds the expectations of all attendees.


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