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Makarand Utpat Profile

Digital Marketing Consultant, Best-Selling Author and Motivational Speaker Makarand grew up in Mumbai, India right next to the 3rd largest […]

Give Yourself these 4 Powerful Permissions to Succeed and to be Happy

All of us are trying to achieve happiness in some form of another. The definition of happiness and success varies […]

Self Reflections on 4th July Holiday- Don’t Be Prisoner of Your Own Thoughts

Today is 4th July. United States celebrates its independence as a country. It’s a national holiday and many of us […]

World Says Goodbye to Anthony Bourdain, but Not to His Legacy- A True Inspiration

Life is predictably, unpredictable. One moment, you have collapsed at the rock bottom and the next, you are at the […]

Success vs Failure! Head vs Heart! Who Wins? 8 Lessons in the Trenches

We are all trying to achieve something in life- Name, Fame, Health, Money/ Wealth, Peace of Mind, Family, Happiness, Satisfaction, […]

The Importance of 3Cs in Life- Choice, Chance and Change!

Life is all about taking bull by the horn. If we don’t do it, it just passes us by.   […]

Want Shocking Revelation of Law of Attraction? Read How I met John Lee Dumas (JLD)

Earlier I used to believe that there is such thing as coincidence. However, nowadays I don’t believe that it may […]

How to Cheat at Diwali Festival and Get Away With It (Legally)

In US, during the winter time we start to think about Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. While I cherish it, I […]

Raise Your Standard and The Universe Will Meet You There

One of my friends recently got into an exercise routine. He has been going to the gym consistently for last […]

Hero’s Journey Not Complete Without Mother

As I was growing up, we never celebrated Mother’s Day (or Father’s day for that matter, even though India is […]

Billionaire Mukesh Ambani’s 5 Brilliant Tips on Success

Mukesh Ambani is India’s Business Tycoon with a net worth of $23 Billions and the owner of Reliance Industries which […]

Sir Issac Newton’s 2 Extraordinary Lessons

Sir Issac Newton, was a great physicist and mathematician. He is best known for his laws of motion and gravity. […]

3 Incredible Leadership Transformation Lessons by Tom Brady

Last week, in the AFC 2017 championship game, Pittsburg Steelers were blown awayby New England Patriots. Pats won 36-17. What […]

At Last, the Secret to deal with IRS is Revealed

IRS sent us an inquiry. The notice asked to pay the penalties for the carryover amount from the prior year […]

Goodbye 2016 with Loads of Gratitude

In Aug 2016, I visited Taj Mahal, New Delhi, and Agra, with my wife and my kids. It was our […]

Life is About Possibilities, Not Problems

A cleaning lady has been coming to our house. Even though uneducated in English, she fills that void with great […]

3 Ways the Zero-Based Thinking helps to Move Your Digital Needle

“Give me a long enough lever…. and I shall move the Earth.” —Archimedes It’s said that if you keep doing […]

Ability to say “No”- Can Donald Trump win GOP Nomination?

It is said that high achievers and great leaders are good at saying “Yes” but also “No”. In fact, their […]

Why Positive Mental Attitude is Important?- Be The Hunter Rather Than Being The Hunted

Every year, our group conducts an annual team meeting that is geared towards satisfying 3 goals, namely: Celebrate organizational successes. […]

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